Focus on Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure construction is one of our main areas of work and poses special challenges for digital planning and construction. Due to the large area expansion, enormous amounts of data are generated during the digitalization of line structures such as roads and railways. These have to be fed from different systems into a digital model. In addition, geodata from different sources must be harmonized.

Manage Interfaces
In order to develop a functioning BIM model, we develop interfaces for different data sources and solutions for the harmonization of geodata. An example of this is the unification of point clouds, which serve as the basis for the 3D representation of line construction projects.

Rail, road and canal
We are certified BIM consultants of DB Station & Service AG and educate train employees and contractors . In road construction, we support, among other things, the Landesbetrieb Mobilität Rheinland-Pfalz in a pilot project for a bridge construction according to BIM guidelines. In addition, we are looking at the possibilities of the BIM implementation in canal construction.

The 5D advantages in infrastructure construction

  • Optimized interface management
  • Process large amounts of data
  • Compare and harmonize data
  • Comprehensively visualized line construction projects

5D Institut 

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