Congresses and Conferences

The digitalization of the construction sector is a highly dynamic process. This enormous modernization thrust can only be successful if all parties involved cooperate optimally and work together openly. As a pioneer of digitalization in the construction sector, our goal is to boost the BIM implementation. For this reason, we organize our own BIM congress and attend numerous congresses and conferences as speakers.

Infrastructure Congress - Digital planning and construction 4.0

With the Infrastructure Congress - Digital planning and construction 4.0, we have created a recognized exchange platform for BIM issues in infrastructure construction. Since 2014, the industry has met at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences,in Gießen to confer current trends and discuss new perspectives in a focused, open and partnership-oriented atmosphere.

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5D Knowledge Exchange

  • Conduct own BIM congress
  • Participation in professional congresses
  • Presentations at organizations and companies
  • Contributions to specialist journals

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