Research & Development

The basis for the successful use of 5D BIM is a software that meets the requirements. That is why we are developing individual software solutions for our customers. For example, by adapting them to specific task settings, integrating add-on modules or programming interfaces. The result is powerful all-in-one solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements.

We are convinced that the digitization of the construction sector will continue to accelerate. For this reason, we are looking for opportunities to expand the practical BIM application and to supplement it with additional functions and applications in a practical manner.

Example: Drone Flight
In order to simplify standardized tasks and to keep an eye on even larger or more distant construction sites at any time, we have developed a drone with automated flight route planning. <Link auf 350> This is the optimal way to achieve building/ land survey. Your connection to the BIM software is standardized. This saves the way to the construction site and provides defined information on the status of a project.
The image data of the drone can also be used as a basis for point clouds. We are currently developing suitable interfaces to connect the data to Geo-Information Systems (GIS). The added value for building practice: a very precise and detailed 3D construction site model that contains all relevant GIS data..

Example: EcoEstimator
Buildings, or rather their construction, use and demolition, cause a large part of all environmental impacts in Germany. To improve sustainability in planning and building, we have developed a powerful tool with the EcoEstimator. Pilot experiment shows how the ecological balance of buildings can be assessed and optimized during the planning phase.

5D Research & Development

  • Individual software customization
  • Interface development / programming
  • EEnhancement of practical BIM functionalities
  • Customer-specific development- and test projects

5D Institut 

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