Drones for BIM-Projects

The core of every BIM project is the building model. With our innovative 5D-Copter, we offer an efficient way to collect high-precision image and film data and to use it in the context of a BIM project: in construction planning, execution, building operation and marketing.

Recording and Evaluation
In the case of drones at low altitudes (<100 m), high-resolution orthophotos, aerial photographs and films of construction projects can be obtained using special cameras. Afterwards, our BIM experts evaluate the data and prepare for your BIM project: point clouds, surface models (mesh) or textured models.

The 5D-Copter, developed by us, works with automated multi-dimensional route planning. This allows full-fledged 3D recordings as well as fast and efficient overflights with short local recording and blocking time.

Application and Field of Use
The high-resolution images and films produced by the 5D-Copter can be used in a BIM project in various areas. In construction planning, they serve as the basis for the production of as-built models. During execution phase, the construction progress can be recorded with a model-based approach. In infrastructure construction, terrain models can be created quickly and efficiently and can be used later e.g. volumetric calculations. For building operation and maintenance, the applications are diverse: for simple inspection of large or complex structures without scaffolding and abseil technology as well as for deformation analysis, status documentation, monitoring and surveying. Representative photo and film recordings are also ideal for marketing of the large-scale projects.

5D Drohnenflug für BIM-Projekte

  • Efficient overflights by specialists
  • High image / film data quality
  • Data collection and further processing by building and IT experts
  • Scientific project management
  • Employee training for dealing with image / film data

5D Institut 

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