The successful BIM implementation is a question of strategy. As a BIM consultant, we first familiarize companies with the requirements of BIM and develop an execution plan. We then support the selection and implementation of the software systems and interface standards. In the case of construction projects, we undertake the role of the BIM manager and support the coordinated implementation of the required targets.

We support the BIM implementation

Software Selection
We advise on the selection of a business-friendly software solution. We answer the following questions: - Which BIM software solutions are available?

  • What kind of advantages offers it?
  • Which software meets the requirements of my clients?
  • Which software fits my organization / project structure?
  • What is the role of compatibility? - What hardware requirements does the BIM software provide?
  • What additional computing power and storage capacity do I need?

Quality Assurance
After BIM implementation, we will continue to advise and support quality assurance. For regular review appointments, we would like to highlight the following questions:

  • How advanced is the BIM implementation?
  • Where is change or need for improvement?
  • Which training measures are necessary?
  • Are the targets achieved?

Establish iTWO 5D in the project
We fully support the use of the iTWO 5D software. On the specific, company-specific project / model, we offer an individual training and advise on special problems. We clarify the following questions:
What are the requirements for using the BIM working methodology with iTWO 5D?
In which project phases can iTWO 5D be used?

  • Which interfaces do the different project participants need?
  • How is the own content defined in iTWO 5D?
  • How is the processes procedure optimized by the application of iTWO 5D?
  • How are interfaces configured for the import of building data models?
  • How are partial services linked to the existing model?
  • How does the model-based tender of the building service work?
  • How are quantity query formulas, also German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB), defined?
    -How are automated specification of prices (BoQs) generated?
  • How is the schedule linked to the model?
  • What added value does the construction process simulation have in the respective project?
  • How is the building calculation (job estimating) linked to the model?
  • How does model-based billing work?

5D Consultation

  • Information about BIM basics
  • Development of a BIM strategy
  • Selection and implementation of software / hardware
  • BIM Quality Assurance
  • Use of iTWO 5D in the project
  • Certified BIM consultants of DB Station & Service AG

5D Institut 

An-Institut an der Technischen Hochschule Mittelhessen
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Stra├če 13
61169 Friedberg (Hessen)