Planners / Architects

The introduction of 5D BIM is a major change for planners and architects. In particular, the introduction into the new software, the adaptation of well-established processes and the detailed order profile of the clients cause a lot of effort in the first step. However, this is compensated in the second step by increased transparency, accelerated processes and improved results. In addition, the early switch to BIM offers a good opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition.

Planning for the future
The digitalisation of the construction planning simplifies processes, accelerates reaction times and improves the work results. In particular, changes in the project can be transparently integrated with simple effort for all involved parties. The ecological balance of buildings can be simulated and improved during planning. The communication effort with the individual trades is minimized as all the participants have a current project stage. For this reason, we provide planners and architects with all relevant fundamentals of the 5D BIM planning and support them in every phase of the adjustment with guidance and training courses as well as practical consulting services and future-oriented solutions.

EIR, LOI and LOD switch over
In the BIM process, the employer's information requirements (EIR) are much more detailed than with conventional planning procedures. The necessary level of information (LOI) and the level of detail (LOD) also require new processes for planners and architects. Only this way,it is possible to cope with the enormous depth of information and detail in the 5D BIM model.

5D Services for Planners

  • Become acquainted with 5D-BIM Basis
  • Understanding the client requirements
  • Use of the new planning processes - Understanding and using of 5D BIM Software
  • BIM-Projects Advise

5D Institut 

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