Building Contractors

Expectations for building contractors are equally simple and demanding: construction projects must be realized in a timely manner, in optimum quality and at a defined cost frame. The construction execution with 5D BIM helps to realize these requirements better, faster and easier. We support building contractors comprehensively in the adaptation and implementation of the 5D BIM method - from the development of their own BIM strategy, to soft- and hardware-adaptation, and to specific employee training.

Quality, timing and sustainability, cost saving Planning errors arise. Thanks to 5D BIM, they don't emerge on the construction site beforehand, but rather in an early planning phase. This avoids time- and cost-intensive addendums and optimizes the execution quality. The ecological balance of buildings can also be simulated and improved during planning.

Cost control: from offer to invoicing
BIM starts with preparation of the offer. By defining suitable interfaces, the calculation can already be integrated into the 5D BIM process. The model-based invoicing remains the costs from the purchase order to the invoicing automatically, optimally in view.

Transparency makes it flexible Planning and construction with 5D BIM makes processes for building contractors independent and flexible. Since all relevant data to building are always contained in the model, individual planning and work flows are no longer bound to individual employees. Obstacles during illness or holiday are easily compensated.

5D Services for Building Contractors

  • Become acquainted with 5D-BIM Basis
  • Develop strategies
  • BIM- Project Implementation

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