The construction sector is a traditionally conservative industry in Germany. Therefore, clients are the key to digitalization. Your guidelines and requirements define how the following trades work. As a result, builders using BIM based construction projects secure a number of clear advantages in the construction phase, but also in the operation of a building.

Understanding BIM in a holistic way
BIM is more than the enrichment of a 3D construction plan with additional information. The model-oriented view of construction projects through 5D BIM revolutionizes the industry and all processes from pre-planning to invoicing. It raises planning security, increases transparency, improves sustainability and optimizes profitability in every phase. The bundling of all information in a model ensures that all trades can access all data at all times. Extravagant and error-prone isolated solutions are no longer required.

BIM- corresponding Planning and Construction demand
The client information requirements (AIA) constitute the foundation for all subsequent processes and work. In the BIM process, we have to make much more precise specifications for planners and architects than for conventionally planned projects. The precise definition of information content represents also the degree of project transparency. It is also the basis for software-based monitoring of construction progress and automated model-based invoicing.

The use of the as-build model
In the BIM-based "as built" model, the digital system is exactly the same as the real building. All information about the building, the rooms and the technical equipment are included. This is not only beneficial in the case of changes in the construction phase, but also considerably simplifies the operation of a building for administration and facility management: in the determination of cleaning areas, in the control and maintenance of building services, in repairs, as well as in conversion and renovation measures.

5D Services for Clients

  • Become acquainted with 5D-BIM Basis
  • Develop strategies
  • BIM- Project Implementation and Advise
  • Further technology development
  • Innovations tests - Quality of secured BIM-Projects
  • Employees training
  • AIntroduction to automated model-based invoicing
  • Creation of AIA, LOI and LOD support

5D Institut 

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